• 08.01.2016 Law requires banks to collect more customer data

    Since 2016 the bank has asked its customers to fill in questionnaires that contain increasingly more questions about their activities. The bank does not do this because it wants to collect more data, ...

  • 31.03.2015 Krediidipank‚Äôs profit undergoes strong growth

    The consolidated profit of the Krediidipank Group for 2014 was almost 1.4 million euros. Compared to the previous period, the profit increased by 0.4 million euros or 40%. The volume of loans taken o...

  • 30.03.2015 The new Tax Information Exchange Act entered into force

    The Tax Information Exchange Act (TIEC) entered into force on 1 January 2015. It requires Estonian financial institutions to submit the data about their clients specified in the Act to the tax authori...

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