Main rules of secure use of Internet bank


To use Internet bank safely, You have to follow these simple, but important rules:

  1. If you have estonian ID-card or Mobile-ID it is strongly recommended to use them to log into Internet bank. ID-card and Mobile-ID are secure electronic tokens that cannot be copied and therefore give you guarantee that when the card and mobile is in your hand agreement cannot be used by third parties.
  2. Do not use password that is too short or too easy to guess by others (your car or telephone number, personal ID, names of your pets or relatives etc)!
  3. Change your password often! Bank suggests You to change password at least two times per year.
  4. Do not use password used at other systems! If Your password will be compromized in these systems, then it can be used to enter also into Internet bank.
  5. Always know where Your code card is! Do not leave Your code card unattended as it can be copied very simply! Do not write your name or username onto the card!
  6. In case of any possibility that Your password or code card is compromized block Your accont immediately! Your Internet bank account can be blocked 24h via telephone +372 6616039 or 8004050.
  7. Remember and verify your latest session date and time! Internet bank always displays Your latest session date and time at the bottom-right corner of the screen!
  8. Use anti-virus tools to prevent and disable so called "Trojan" programs to run in Your computer and send Your keystrokes (including passwords and codes) and screenshots to third parties!
  9. Use "Firewall" between Your computer and Internet, especially if You are using permanent (cable) Internet connection! Only correctly configured "Firewall" protects Your computer from unwanted access from Internet.
  10. Do not hurry using Internet bank and read all the information you see on the screen! Remember - You can not cancel many operations done by You via Internet bank.